Our Story:

Our pioneer, Tay Song Seng was a migrant from the Teochew province of Shantou, China. After the Japanese surrendered and left China, he took the gruelling voyage to Singapore in the 1940s in search of opportunities, leaving behind his wife and only son back in his hometown. Through the tumultuous years surviving on a meagre pay while slogging as a worker in the dried goods industry, he finally saved enough to pay the hefty fees required for his wife and son’s journey to Singapore. Few years later, disagreements with his employers drove him to start his own business dealing and trading in dried goods. Thus the birth of Buan Seng Boon Kee in 1967. Translated loosely in Teochew, it means remembering the characters of ten thousand successes. Buan Seng Boon Kee was first established at the now defunct Beach Road Market (also know as Metal Market in its heyday).

In 1983, our wholly family-run business was subsequently relocated to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. Helped by his 3 sons and 2 daughters, business expanded. Intially selling only commodities like shallots, garlics, onions and ginger, Buan Seng Boon Kee gradually became a full fledged dried goods business dealing with dried seafood, general provisions and more. The values under Tay Song Seng was always to provide only┬áreliable and quality-driven products. If it’s not good enough for us, its not good enough for our customers.

The second son of the family, Philip Tay, took over the reign of Buan Seng Boon Kee with his spouse in 1990s. Together, the husband and wife team worked hard to deliver the continuous set of values in our business – guaranteeing the quality and provide assurance of reliability in their products offering to their customers. Although at time boisterous and never ones to mince their words, they have earned the trust of many loyal customers.

Although they are still running the business, Buan Seng Boon Kee’s third generation and their only son, decided to quit the corporate world to help continue on the legacy of our business, in a bid to provide a lifelong and lasting satisfaction to our customers, and their generations to come.