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1. Walnuts
Shelled walnuts contain lots of nutritional benefits, with 90% of the phenol found in the skin!
Although de-shelled, our walnuts still boast of health benefits that include protection against cardiovascular problems and turning you into a super mind!
Walnuts offer high quality fats(omega-3s) to keep your brain flexible and fluid, and high consumption of these fats reduces depression and improves cognitive functions! No wonder walnuts are the ultimate brain food, they even look like brains!
2. Cashew Nuts (Roasted)

A must-have during Chinese New Year, these roasted cashews will keep your hands going on and on..
Cashew Nuts (Roasted)
I have never tasted cashew that is so fresh and perfectly roasted, even the centre of the cashew nuts are so fragrant and tasty!

-Nutgular Edwin
3. Roasted Peanuts
Coming tightly on the heels of roasted cashew, roasted peanut is the go-to snack for everyone! Roasted just right and drizzled lightly with salt, it is not oily, pack full of crunchy goodness, and strangely addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.
4. Golden Raisin
Juicy large raisins that oozes a pefect blend of sweetness and sourness. Excellent with salads, cereals, bread, desserts or even mixed with rice! Bryani or pineapple fried rice anyone?

5. Dried Cranberry
Like raisins, cranberries are versatile in their uses. Suitable as a splendid companion to your greens, yogurt, oats, and even for use in your baking creations! They carry a tinge of sourness withour being excessively sweet, making it a great snack on the go too.
6. Large Raw Cashew
Munched on as a snack, it might lack the crunchiness and fragrance of its roasted counterpart. What the raw cashew make up for, is its natural sweetness and creamy taste that endears it to many. You would have to try it to believe it! Some would even use raw cashew for their own baking or roasting as they are able to control the healthiness level they desire.
7. Dry Roasted Almond
For those who simply love their nuts crunchy and favourful, yet be able to snack freely without being laden with guilt, dry roasted almond is an impeccable choice. Of course, if you prefer your almonds healthier with all its existing nutritional value, just grab our raw almond here.
8. Pumpkin Seed
Recently, pumpkin seed has been gaining popularity as words spread of its host of nutritional perks. Do not disregard their tiny size, for they pack a serious punch when it comes to benefiting your body. Plus, they taste great!
9. Pistachio
Be it roasted or raw, you can’t deny that pistachios are adored by many, especially during the festive season. They not only keep your fidgeting fingers at bay with the need to peel the shells, pistachio rank in the top 3 when it comes to nutty benefits!
10. Macadamia
A native of Australia and a favourite gift to get for singaporeans visiting the country down under, many have commented that they seldom see macadamias that huge. Well, thats because they are with us, at www.driedfoodsg.com! ;p
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